Thursday, May 18, 2006

Adam Stiff - Head Construction 1

Head Construction
Lesson 1

I was gonna wait until I got my book to start, but I think John might have single-handedly kicked Walter Foster's ass last week, and I went ahead and printed stuff off of animation archive, despite the crappiness of my printer. These are my first cracks at the egg; and I'm about sick of the shit-eating grin on that egg's face. I wanted to see how close I could get before doing the overlay, so all of the notes are just based on my eyeballs. Now that I've done the overlay, though, I can see that some of them were a lot closer than I thought. Anyway, here's my stuff, followed by my stuff with Preston's overlaid in blue (I think it's blue, I'm kinda colorblind).


So it seems that my eyes are right, most of the time, although some of my drawings weren't as bad as I thought. A major problem seems to be that I try to fit the head to the features, rather than vice-versa, as it should be. I can also see from the overlay that I tend to drop features on the lower side of a tilted head, which I didn't notice on my own. So now I have something to work on for my next post.

*Bonus Material*

I also tried to apply these basic construction principles to drawings of a couple of my friends, although I probably shouldn't be worrying about that yet. Either way, here's Bowden and Nikki; the drawing of Nikki is based on a picture of her, but I built the two of Bowden from scratch. I think I cheated on the second one of Bowden, cuz I didn't construct his jaw/cheeks separately from his cranium like it ended up. Once again, I'm working backwards, but I'll work on that. And I'm done drawing him for a while anyway, cuz his glasses keep effing me up.

Bowden is loud.

Bowden is not cool enough to ever do this.

Here are photos of Nikki and Bowden, just in case you were wondering if these suck or not:

Hope to hell you can tell that Nikki's on the right.

"Mildly Inquisitive" Bowden.

So yeah, any and all feedback is welcome. By all means, rip this stuff apart, I wanna get better!

ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive Project Blog: Meta: The $100,000 Animation Drawing Course- Lesson 1


Blogger stiff said...

My construction lines are off! That's why I was dropping features; I was making the thing too flat.

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