Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Adam Stiff - Head Construction 2

Lesson 1, cont'd

Somehow I seem to be regressing:

So, on both of these, I had the front of the face turned too far away, even though my egg shape looked pretty good. So the actual construction looks pretty close, despite the fact that as far as copies go, both of these are trash. Except for the fact that I got the horizontal construction line dead on with the second. Too bad I blew the rest of it.

I decided to work with the bulldog, figure out that construction, and then spin him around all over the place like the book says. These are my attempts at working out the construction:

The second attempt is much closer, however, there are some significant flaws; namely, that the top of the head is stretched too high, along with the top of the ears and the eyebrow ridges. The top of the snout, however, is too low. I'll probably do another one, but I think I have a good feel for the construction, which is kind of the point. My next post will then be the rotations, which I'm sure will frustrate me to no end:

(old drawing)

This shit is like picking up a musical instrument for the first time; frustrating as hell cuz you know how it can work, and how it's supposed to work, but you just can't do it yourself for a while, until you've practiced your ass off.


More later.

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