Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Not very cartoony, but a drawing nonetheless. I didn't capture the humor of Snyder's expression very well. And made the top of his head way to skinny. Oops.

Here's the original, just for reference:


Blogger Paul B said...

thanks for the post man

im a littles drunk here, so, every line is just a line. its
up to you de difference.

it's organic or not?
funny or not?
appealing or not?

well.. now i don'¡t know but im sure folllowing the right path
keee going

and thanks for your post

10:40 PM  
Blogger the plummer said...

i saw you posted on john's blog about how you can un-bland your caricature. for one thing...maybe you shouldn't call yourself stiff. i think it's reflecting in your art.

LOL i kid i kid, but one thing i saw is that you complained about this drawing because "his head is too skinny" or what not. when you caricature or capture an expression, proportions shouldn't matter. you capture what you FEEL in the person or object or animal and that means sacrificing proportions, or detail (but NOT construction!).

if capturing a certain essence means pushing the drawing farther than you realized you should, then that should happen. always push more than you think you need because the human eye has a tendency to WANT to correct and make perfect even if you're trying not to.

1:33 AM  
Blogger Tony C. said...

Saw your request for some comments on John K.'s blog as well. And honestly what The Plummer stated above is dead on and I'm not sure what I can add.

With a caricature your are not capturing exactly what the person looks like you are finding the "essence" of the individual. Find the elements that make that person unique and push them as far as you can!

4:49 PM  

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