Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Adam Stiff - Squash and Stretch 2

These looked halfway decent before I compared them to the originals. I think I tend to focus too much on small areas of the drawings, which leaves the proportions pretty close within a given area, but they become wrong relative to the rest of the drawing. I need to look more at the total form of the drawing.

Just for fun, here's an old lady being punched in the face. A rare cleaned-up drawing:

The more I look at those drawings of that girl I never met (below), the less I like them...the construction is fairly sloppy. As impressed as I was with her mouth, I managed to screw it up and put it in the wrong place, at least in the center. Pretty sure I dorked up the noses too. Something to work on.


Blogger Lunchbox said...

That dog is very Tex Avery, sir.
Good work!

7:42 PM  

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