Thursday, March 15, 2007

Approaching caricature

I got a sketchbook for Christmas a long time ago, so I finally decided to do something with it, and I'm trying to teach myself to draw caricatures. I've wondered before how you can distort the hell outta someone's face and still maintain a likeness, so I figured I'd start trying to find out by drawing myself. So these are crappy drawings of my lovely mug, with an attempt to loosen up, per the advice of some friendly strangers in a previous post. The profile pose is completely boring, and the expression is nonexistent, but I'm just playing with features and this whole "caricature" concept for now--it'll be better next time around. The second profile on the right is almost amusing, though. I also drew my mouth in a few different poses. Do mouths pose? I'm more pleased with those drawings, though they don't represent a caricature in any way; however, having drawn them certainly doesn't hurt.

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Blogger Lunchbox said...

Something I recently saw in CF Payne's class was this video about caricature. It more or less said to use the face like a water balloon. If you squeeze it at the bottom, it balloons at the top. So, if you make the forehead 20% bigger, the chin should be about 20% smaller. He also mentioned that facial features like nose and ears and such are to be second fiddle to the largest or most predominant feature. So, nose could be the biggest, but teeth, ears and eyes would have to be at least 20% smaller. It helped me a little.
About your drawings, I like the mouths on the second page. It looks like your getting somewhere. I think profile is a rough place to start. Try looking at your face straight on. Also, try people that you know really well. Knowing a personality can really help in drawing caricature. Oh, and avoid scraggly line hair. It only looks right on Captain Caveman. : ) Work solid. Look at the hair as a shape.
Also, look at Sebastian Krueger and Steve Silvers and see how they handle things. Maybe you can pick something up from their styles.
Good start.

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